Hall of Fame Interactive Entertainment CD-ROM + touchscreen installation
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Hall of Fame Interactive Entertainment CD-ROM + touchscreen installation

In 1998, following years of negotiation, United Attractions put together the first football Hall of Fame, based in county hall, London. The project was loosely modelled on the American concept. The multimedia aspects of the venture involved creating 13 different touch screen applications, which celebrate each of the 12 Famers' careers and the Premiership as a whole.

This involved creating a standardised format for each of the players, allowing for their individual skills and personalities to shine through, and at the same time inspiring kids to carry on and fulfil their own dreams. We did this by conducting 40 minute filmed interviews with the players, choosing (with the players themselves) their 'Golden Game' and profiling their career in a variety of ways.

Although access to approved, archived material was limited, the packages developed were comprehensive and fully interactive. The touch screens worked alongside life size waxworks of the players and were a key feature to the attraction.

Production processes: Data and picture research, 3D modelling and animating, Video directing, interviewing, filming, editing, and producing, Voiceovers, CD-ROM authoring and programming.

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