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Gary Lineker

Prior to Gary Lineker's involvement with BBC's Match of the Day, we engaged him to produce an entertainment CD-ROM covering the then, five year history of the Premiership.

At the time (pre-web explosion) some of the current team were involved in conceptualising the product, on behalf of the distributors Anglia Multimedia. It was decided that the product would be of best use as an updateable CDROM. Using the Internet, the CD-ROM retrieved updates during the ten months of the season which extended it's lifespan.

At the time, the Internet was fraught with limited bandwidth issues, yet the product was a success, allowing us to update all aspects of the disk, from results through to current league tables through to any mid-season transfers. At the time this was revolutionary - a CD-ROM that could update.

The product was distributed through commercial outlets such as Electronic Boutique and made a clear profit for Anglia Multimedia - at a time, it has to be said, when home computers were not the norm, as it is now.

Tony Brennand, Sales Director, added:

"The product was ahead of its time and still stands the test of time. By forcing users to update their product, and so have to visit a web page, another opportunity for cross promotion and data capture was created extending the business potential ten fold"

Production processes: Data & picture research, Video editing and filming, Voiceovers, CD-ROM authoring and programming, Website build, Lingo programming to facilitate the updates

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