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Here you will find a selection of multimedia projects created by Seventh Wave Media.

The projects ordered by client

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3MGClient: 3MG
1. 3MG xmas ecard 2007
Acacia Capital PartnersClient: Acacia Capital Partners
1. Acacia Capital Partners website & stationary
Ace EuropeClient: Ace Europe
1. Ace Europe Avert video sting
Arsenal Football ClubClient: Arsenal Football Club
1. Arsenal Interactive Entertainment CD-ROM
Ask JeevesClient: Ask Jeeves
1. Ask Jeeves game
Aston Villa Football ClubClient: Aston Villa Football Club
1. Aston Villa Interactive Entertainment CD-ROM
AutoleaseClient: Autolease
1. Autolease Sales CD-ROM
BPClient: BP
1. BP Frameworks updateable presentation software
British American TabaccoClient: British American Tabacco
1. BAT Japan presentation software
Bulgarian Property BookingsClient: Bulgarian Property Bookings
1. Bulgarian Property Bookings website
1. Contract hire and vehicle leasing website
2. Contract hire and vehicle leasing website
3. Contract hire and vehicle leasing website
4. Contract hire and vehicle leasing website
5. Contract hire and vehicle leasing website
6. Contract hire and vehicle leasing website
8. Contract hire and vehicle leasing website
Cap Gemini Ernst & YoungClient: Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
1. Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Global Financial Services CD-ROM
2. Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Brand Asset Management software
Car Leasing EnquiryClient: Car Leasing Enquiry
1. Car Leasing Enquiry website
CarlingClient: Carling
1. Carling Table Football Shockwave game
Celtic Football ClubClient: Celtic Football Club
1. Celtic Interactive Entertainment CD-ROM
Channel 4Client: Channel 4
1. So Graham Norton
Clearcube ConsultingClient: Clearcube Consulting
1. Clearcube Consulting recruitment agency website
ClearstoneClient: Clearstone
1. Clearstone website
Coca-ColaClient: Coca-Cola
1. GoSummer website for Coca-Cola
CompaqClient: Compaq
1. Compaq Ski Game
Connect ResearchClient: Connect Research
1. Connect Research website
CoralClient: Coral
1. Coral Rugby Gauntlet Flash game
2. Rugby Grandslam tournament desktop mini Matt Dawson
Daily ExpressClient: Daily Express
1. Daily Express CD-ROM
dctreecareClient: dctreecare
1. DC Treecare tree surgery tamworth
Definition Digital MediaClient: Definition Digital Media
1. Spiraling animated menu
DieselClient: Diesel
1. Diesel interactive digital advert
Dorling KindersleyClient: Dorling Kindersley
1. Dorling Kindersley conference animation
ExposuresClient: Exposures
1. Exposures website
FarmaciaClient: Farmacia
1. Farmacia - Notox-PP3 video
2. Farmacia - Oxy Spa Bar animations
FmagazineClient: Fmagazine
1. Fmagazine Interactive Entertainment CD-ROM
2. Fmagazine Viral quiz
3. Fmagazine Christmas viral mail card
Football Hall of FameClient: Football Hall of Fame
1. Hall of Fame Interactive Entertainment CD-ROM + touchscreen installation
FransenClient: Fransen
1. Wheres Your Hair At? website
Gallaher Group PlcClient: Gallaher Group Plc
1. Gallaher Brand Asset Management software - Poster Generator (for Benson & Hedges)
Gary LinekerClient: Gary Lineker
1. Gary Lineker
Geoffrey JohnClient: Geoffrey John
1. Geoffrey John hair care and beauty products website
Gina Phillips RepresentsClient: Gina Phillips Represents
1. Gina Phillips Represents website
GlaxoSmithKlineClient: GlaxoSmithKline
1. Flash weather map
GuardianClient: Guardian
1. Guardian Prepay subscription via text message
2. Guardian Brand Mapping software
Halton Borough CouncilClient: Halton Borough Council
1. Halton Borough Council Christmas ecard 2007
2. Halton Borough Council Christmas ecard 2006
3. Halton Borough Council Christmas ecard 2008
4. Halton Borough Council Christmas ecard 2005
1. HSBC banner advert programming
1. IDEX and TRIDEX International Exhibition Touchscreen Information Systems
IDG Ventures EuropeClient: IDG Ventures Europe
1. IDG Ventures Europe website
ITV-SportClient: ITV-Sport
1. ITV-Sport Balls-Up Shockwave game
Jean Marc JoubertClient: Jean Marc Joubert
1. Jean Marc Joubert website
John CarneClient: John Carne
1. John Carne Interactive in-store information and ecommerce software
2. John Carne in-store video software
3. John Carne Haircare website
JVCClient: JVC
1. JVC In store Digital Video camera POS CD-ROMs
KenwoodClient: Kenwood
1. Kenwood Bubble Trouble Shockwave game
Leeds Football ClubClient: Leeds Football Club
1. Leeds Interactive Entertainment CD-ROM
Light Haven 2 studiosClient: Light Haven 2 studios
1. LH2 website
Local Government AssociationClient: Local Government Association
1. Local Government Association Pacman Style Game
MarshClient: Marsh
1. Marsh reputation@risk ® software and animation
2. Marsh Risk Model animation
3. Marsh Relax animation and quiz
4. Marsh Jigsaw quiz
5. Marsh Transparency animation
6. Marsh Risk Survey and animation loop
MastersfoodsClient: Mastersfoods
1. Masterfoods Mars Planets Presentation software
Mazprint MultimediaClient: Mazprint Multimedia
1. Mazprint online document ordering system and website
Models RequiredClient: Models Required
1. Models Required website
MotorolaClient: Motorola
1. Motorola Flash Training Modules
2. Motorola Countdown Calendar
National Health ServiceClient: National Health Service
1. MEDAMS for the NHS
Nexa AutocolorClient: Nexa Autocolor
1. Nexa Autocolor Brand Asset Management software - European Communication Package
1. Pactuk website
PanasonicClient: Panasonic
1. Panasonic Recruitment CD-ROM
Parrott and CoalesClient: Parrott and Coales
1. Parrott and Coales solicitors website
2. Parrott and Coales logo design
Partnership TeamClient: Partnership Team
1. Partnership Team Ltd. website
PPG IndustriesClient: PPG Industries
1. PPG Industries Global Presentation System
Princes TrustClient: Princes Trust
1. Princes Trust Auction software
PsionClient: Psion
1. PSION Wavefinder Instore Installer
Rei EssenceClient: Rei Essence
1. Rei Essence website
SedgwickClient: Sedgwick
1. Sedgwick Interactive Classical Music Quiz
Seventh Wave MediaClient: Seventh Wave Media
1. Digital alchemy interactive animations
2. swmsoft website
3. Inkspot typeface
4. Magnetic experiment
5. Industrial digital advert
6. Animated morphing text experiment
7. Anti gravity experimental animation
SketchersClient: Sketchers
1. Sketchers digital advert
StormClient: Storm
1. Creative card making CD-ROM
Stuart WestonClient: Stuart Weston
1. Stuart Weston Design website
Sun Splash HomesClient: Sun Splash Homes
1. Sun Splash Homes website
2. Sun Splash Homes Logo
Sundance DesignClient: Sundance Design
1. Sundance Design promotional CD-ROM
2. Sundance Sliding puzzle
Susan Eve Estate AgencyClient: Susan Eve Estate Agency
1. Susan Eve Estate Agency website
swmClient: swm
1. Sample Christmas viral ecard
2. swm logos
1. swmsoft Jukebox and media player
TetleyClient: Tetley
1. Tetley Ice Tea Flash Fruit Machine
The Tax Payers AllianceClient: The Tax Payers Alliance
1. Brown Calculator
Thermo HybaidClient: Thermo Hybaid
1. Thermo Hybaid Product Photography
ToshibaClient: Toshiba
1. Toshiba Sales CD-ROM
Unilink SystemsClient: Unilink Systems
1. Unilink Systems website and customer portal
United Business MediaClient: United Business Media
1. Diana, The Peoples Princess CD-ROM
Virgin AtlanticClient: Virgin Atlantic
1. Virgin Atlantic Fruit Machine
Virgin MobileClient: Virgin Mobile
1. Virgin Mobile self updating presentation software
2. Virgin Mobile Touchscreen Video Capture System
VisaClient: Visa
1. Visa screensaver
VolvoClient: Volvo
1. Volvo Round The World Ocean Race Sponsorship CD-ROM
Warrington DAATClient: Warrington DAAT
1. Warrington DAAT christmas ecard
Zest StreetClient: Zest Street
1. Zest Street Online Hair and Beauty shop
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